Gao Xingjian: Painter of the Soul

Asia Ink launching Gao Xingjian: Painter of the Soul by Daniel Bergez in North America distributed by the University of Chicago Press.

Press reviews are unanimous in their praise for this ‘fabulous’ and ‘sumptuous’ edition of Nobel Laureate Gao Xingjian’s ink paintings, accompanied by Daniel Bergez’ informative text )translated by Sherry Buchanan) and Sherry Buchanan’s revealing interview with one of the foremost polymaths of our times, a Nobel Laureate for Literature for his novel Soul Mountain, a playwright, filmmaker and painter. Born in China in 1940, the Paris-based artist went into exile in 1987 after his avant-garde plays were banned. Universally known for his award-winning novel Soul Mountain, this book showcases his magnificent dreamscapes while Bergez’ text, quoting extensively from Gao’s novels, illuminates the harmonious relationship between Gao’s literary and painting creations. A must for  those interested in the work of Gao Xingjian and in Chinese modern and contemporary art, history and culture.

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University of Chicago Press


‘A triumph,’

Jessica Harrison-Hall, Curator, Asia Department, The British Museum, 30 November 2013

Press Reviews:

‘A mesmerising gallery of Gao Xingjian’s ink-wash works. The book however  is more than just a monochrome beauty…a visually sumptuous read that is erudite yet approachable,’

The Straits Times, 24 December 2013

‘A vision born in ink,’

Weekend Australian, 21 December 2013



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