Tran Trung Tin

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Sherry Buchanan &
Asia Ink


Tran Trung Tin (1933 — 2007)



Hardcover cloth with jacket & French Folds


30.6 x 24.8 x 2.8 cm


Illustrated in colour throughout



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Printed on luxury Garda Matt Paper

Tran Trung Tin painted in Hanoi during the 1960s and 70s, conveying the experience of the Vietnamese at war and the essence of human emotion in his images. When he was 12, he joined the Resistance against the French who occupied Vietnam, devoting his youth to freeing his country only to be disappointed by the repression and misery that followed. Living in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, forbidden to express himself in words, he turned to painting to communicate the contradictions of his time.

'His abstract work is the most powerful meditative retreats of loosely painted blocks in warm colours, a self-created visual sanctuary from the war raging outside.’

- Modern Painters


In the Press:

The Independent

‘Vietnam’s greatest artist.’

The Times

‘Brilliantly coloured tortured images. ‘